Database load analysis method for query intensive management information system

Qingqing Song
School of electronic & information engineering, Suzhou University of Science and Technology,

---Yuan Han
School of Computer and Software, Yancheng Institute Of Technology,

The database load state plays an important role in the performance of management information system, In the management information system, There are many factors affecting the database load state, and query operation takes a high proportion in the database operation, so it is very necessary to provide the database load state analysis method according to the characteristics of management information system.
This report proposes a method of database load analysis and calculation for query intensive management information system. When analyzing and calculating the database load, this method combines the theoretical calculation data with benchmark data. It obtains the relevant performance data of the system running environment through a group of benchmark tests, and then calculates the performance data with the current status of the system database, and finally obtains the database load status information in percentage. This method takes into account the influence of the amount of data in the database, the peak period of database access, concurrent access and other factors on the calculation results, and ensures the accuracy of the database load analysis results. Because of the combination of theoretical calculation data and benchmark performance test data, this method avoids a lot of repeated test work, saves computer performance and energy resources, and reduces the time cost and economic cost of database load analysis.

Topics: Computational Methods, Algorithms & Scientific Applications

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